Soundscape Goes to Conference!

It’s time for another news update from Soundscape Music Therapy! This week, I am eagerly anticipating the annual music therapy conference for my region – the Midwestern Region of the American Music Therapy Association. This year’s conference is being held right here in Overland Park, Kansas – only minutes from my home. (I’m pretty sure this is the closest a music therapy conference will EVER be!)  This will be a time to reconnect with colleagues, to share information and experiences from our various professional practices, and to accomplish the business work of our organization, whose purpose is to advance awareness of and increase access to music therapy.

As our region’s representative to the government relations committee of AMTA, I will be co-presenting with representatives from each state task force in our region on the State Recognition Operational Plan. I also get to attend the CMTE course on advocacy to be presented by Kimberly Sena Moore and Dena Register of the Certification Board for Music Therapists. I’m excited to hear about the developments in each state and to build excitement and energy around advocating for music therapy at the state level. By advocating for music therapy, we will help to make sure that more people will be able to access the services we provide. Knowing how much people can benefit from music therapy, that is a very important goal indeed!

I am also definitely looking forward to gaining some knowledge and information from my colleagues giving presentations at this conference. Watch for a blog post with the highlights from my perspective after the conference.

If you are attending the conference, I sure hope to see you there! If you are not attending this conference, feel free to follow the event on Twitter using the hashtag #MWAMTA11. Along with other music therapists in the Midwestern region, I will be tweeting live (as much as possible) – my Twitter name is @RachelleNorman.

So, whether in person or online, I’ll see you there!


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