Video: Forever Young choir

Greetings! If you subscribe to my newsletter, you were the first to see the interview that I am posting here. In this video, you’ll find out about the Forever Young choir, an intergenerational group of older adults and college-age music therapy students who learn and perform rock music, based at the Landon Center on Aging. Check out this interview with the choir’s director, Dr. Melita Belgrave:

Forever Young is starting a new season in September, so now is the time to join! It’s free, and you don’t have to be a trained musician (or a rock star) to participate. This group performed at the American Music Therapy Association Midwestern Region conference in Overland Park last spring, so I can verify that this is a fun-loving group!

For more information on the Forever Young choir, contact Myra Hyatt at the Landon Center on Aging: (913) 588-2365.

(P.S. If Dr. Belgrave looks familiar, it’s because she recently appeared on this blog to talk about intergenerational music therapy. See her overview here and tips especially for music therapists here.)


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