Family, Festivities…and Failure

Last week I promised you a brand-new Thanksgiving song, and I did get it ready to record. I even have the accompaniment tracks done. But then the week of Thanksgiving, I got sick. Actually, my daughter got sick earlier in the week, and by Tuesday night, I’d caught whatever she had. I couldn’t sing. My voice still sounds like something a bullfrog threw up.

So, I didn’t get your new song done. I’m very disappointed to have let you down. I can probably have the song done in the next few days, but it won’t be the same, will it? I’ve missed the holiday.

This is the reality of caregiving, though. Whether you’re caring for kids, adults with special needs or chronic illnesses, or seniors, sometimes a health issue comes along that just throws a wrench into all your plans. You don’t want to let everyone else down, but you have to take care of your loved one, or let yourself heal.

It’s harder when you have to miss a special occasion, though. When you’re too sick to make your world-famous puffy pumpkin delight, or you can’t get to the grandkids’ holiday concert, or you don’t feel well enough to help decorate the Christmas tree when all of the family is over.

It’s hard, but it’s okay.

My psychologist friend Ann talks about having self-compassion, giving yourself the same level of understanding that you would give your loved ones if they were the ones who just couldn’t be there. There will be another day, another event, another chance to show your loved ones how much you care.

I’m giving myself some self-compassion this week. I’m sorry that I couldn’t be at the top of my game for Thanksgiving, but I know that I’ll feel better soon. Then I’ll finish that song!

Here’s wishing you a healthy dose of self-compassion today!


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