Free and Legal Music Downloads from Freegal

Are you a patron of the Mid-Continent Public Libraries or Johnson County Public Library?

If so, I have a great way for you to save $150 in a year on music purchases.

Use Freegal.

Freegal is a music download service offered through local libraries. As a library patron, you can get up to three free tracks per week, downloaded to your computer to keep forever. (Yes, forever!)

I’ve been using this service for several months now and already have dozens of free songs to use in music therapy sessions and for my own listening pleasure. In fact, that’s where I’ve been downloading tracks from the artists featured in our Kansas City Jazz series: Bennie Moten, Charlie Parker, and Count Basie.

Here’s how to use Freegal:

1. Find out whether your library offers Freegal. This includes anyone in the Mid-Continent Public Library or Johnson County Public Library service areas.

2. Log onto Freegal through your library’s website. (Here are the links for our local libraries: Mid-Continent and Johnson County.)

3. Watch the video below for tips on how to find and download songs. Enjoy!

Have you used Freegal? Encountered any problems? Please leave a comment below, and we’ll try to figure out how to get you access to this service.


4 thoughts on “Free and Legal Music Downloads from Freegal

  1. Bob Fross says:

    All libraries in the Las Vegas area have it except mine (North Las Vegas). We are a poorly-run city, that is the highest taxed in the county, yet the director refuses to provide patrons with this service. Americans in the rest of the county have it.

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