What Song Was #1 On This Day 60 Years Ago?



Secret Love by Doris Day

For people in their 70s now, there’s a good chance they heard this one at dances when they were teens!

The sweet lyrics in this song lend well to a conversation about how someone met their spouse.

Listen to Doris Day singing this lovely ballad here:

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2 thoughts on “What Song Was #1 On This Day 60 Years Ago?

  1. leelassetter says:

    This week I’ve been doing songs which have won Academy Awards through the years. Secret Love was the winner in 1953. It has brought wonderful stories of younger years from many of my clients. I love this one:   When Virginia was 5, she wasn’t able to tolerate sitting through a movie in the theater. Her family learned to allow her to remain at home when they went to the movies. A few years later, she saw the posters at the theatre for Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers in The Gay Divorcee. She had enough money in her pocket to go in, and loved the singing and dancing so much that she stayed for two showings. Upon arriving home, her mother was worried and angry that Virginia had been away from home without her mother knowing where she was. She explained where she had been, but her mother didn’t believe her, since Virginia was known to dislike sitting through movies. So, Virginia began singing the songs and dancing, and then there was doubt in herm other’s mind that Virginia had, indeed, been to see The Gay Divorcee. The song, The Continental (new type of dance), won best song, and was the first year that a song was awarded an Academy Award. I found this to be a lovely tribute to the power of music to inspire a child, and it helped her overcome some of her personal limitations.   Cheers, Lee Lassetter Long Beach, CA

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