Friendly Musical Visits

Here’s what I’ve heard from caregivers:

I don’t know what to get mom as a gift. She already has everything she wants, and she doesn’t have any more space in her apartment.

My dad has dementia. He doesn’t remember that a gift came from me.

I take my kids to visit their grandpa at the nursing home, but we don’t know what to do there. We just kind of…sit there. I need to figure out what to do so that my kids will know and love their grandpa.

Here’s my answer:

Have me come over – we’ll make some music together!

Purchase a Soundscape gift certificate for a friendly musical visit to your loved one.

I’ll come to their home and facilitate meaningful music experiences, just like those listed here. I’ll bring my guitar and a bag of percussion instruments, and I’ll even play your piano if you wish. As a music therapist, I can meet your loved one in the moment so that they can enjoy their music time.*

Even better, family members can be involved, too! This is a great opportunity for grandchildren to connect with grandparents and adult children to have precious, meaningful time with their parents. (Please limit group size to the number of folks that would fit in your living room.)

Friendly Musical Visits are $55 for an hour of music-making fun.

Contact me at (913) 548-7169 or by email at to arrange for your gift certificate.

Payment is due at the time of service.

I look forward to making music with your loved one!

* This service is separate from Music Therapy House Calls. Here, our focus is on making music in the present moment rather than addressing long-term care needs and therapeutic goals as in traditional music therapy. Please ask for feedback about whether regular music therapy visits would be appropriate for your loved one.

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